Our vision is to rebuild, defend, energise, exchange and transfer peasant farming knowledge from generation to generation. This knowledge is the heritage of food producers, and also of their communities and like-minded academics – all on an equal footing
Why Bilim

Why Bilim


The primary aim of the platform is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge amongst small-scale food producers’ organizations and their Agroecology schools of the Caucasus, the Balkans, Central Asia and other countries of the region (here below called the “community”). Bilim means Knowledge in Turkish and some other Central Asian languages.

Our strengths

Bilim is the first interregional digital platform focused entirely on Agroecology, bridging the gap between traditional knowledge and technological tools for sharing knowledge and experiences amongst a network of organizations (“Community of practice on Agroecology”) active in Europe and the Central Asia region. This Community of practice has been facilitated by Schola Campesina Aps.

1. It is a tool built for a community, owned by a community, to share useful knowledge for the community.

2. It is a safe place for small-scale farmers -specifically women and youth- to communicate, share knowledge and experiences, and to promote co-learning.

3. It is a multi-language tool able to connect small-scale food producers organizations in over 10 countries.

4. It is an interactive forum and chat to exchange contents and ideas on the different dimensions of Agroecology (11 Pillars of the Nyéléni Declaration on Agroecology).

5. It is an open source tool developed through the support of an international community of developers (Discourse) that will be able to perform the upgrade and maintenance of the tools in the long term.