Our vision is to rebuild, defend, energise, exchange and transfer peasant farming knowledge from generation to generation. This knowledge is the heritage of food producers, and also of their communities and like-minded academics – all on an equal footing
Weekly highlights

Weekly highlights

Our Podcast on Agroecology

Podcasts series, developed in the frame of the BAG (Bringing Agroecology to Generations) Erasmus + project (2020-2023), with the important support of Lucas Sebastián Worsdell. These podcasts are valorizing interviews made in 2017 which are part of the online course on the global governance as well as interventions of participants of Schola Campesina training in 2017 (BioBagnolese farm, Italy).  https://www.scholacampesina.org/new-podcast-serie/  

You can watch our DIALOGUE #5 on MAPPING AGROECOLOGICAL TERRITORIES: BUILDING COLLABORATION BETWEEN ACADEMIA AND FARMERS with Lili Balogh from Hungarian Agroecology Network and other dialogues on from the series Sharing knowledge for a stronger Agroecology movement on Europe and Central Asia (ECA) here 

This dialogue focuses on the experience of Hungary, where a collaboration of farmers, academics and activists resulted in an interesting project and publication: Mapping Agroecology in Hungary (2020, see flyer). Lili Balogh will share with us how mapping research can be used as a tool for facilitating learning and collaboration network in a region and how the project strengthened agroecology in Hungary.

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