Our vision is to rebuild, defend, energise, exchange and transfer peasant farming knowledge from generation to generation. This knowledge is the heritage of food producers, and also of their communities and like-minded academics – all on an equal footing
About us

About us

Bilim is a community of organizations active in Agroecology from Eastern Europe and Central Asia region. Our community brings together grassroots movements, organizations, NGO’s and other groups organizing peasants and small-scale food producers, indigenous peoples, academics, women and youth.

The members of Bilim community are practicing and / or promoting Agroecology on the ground and /or at policy level, with a focus on protecting biodiversity and cultural heritage, placing smallholders’ knowledge at the center of food systems. Our work is guided by our cultural diversity and the Nyéléni Declaration on Agroecology, UNDROP and UNDRIP . This alliance is facilitated by four organizations: Schola Campesina, Elkana, Eco Ruralis and ADI.

BILIM community is a space for:

  • sharing of experiences and knowledge

  • alliance and coordination to mainstream Agroecology and Human Rights at a policy level

  • building concrete solidarity.

Bilim community is open to organizations recommended by Bilim members based on trust and common values defined in Nyéléni Declaration on Agroecology.