Our vision is to rebuild, defend, energise, exchange and transfer peasant farming knowledge from generation to generation. This knowledge is the heritage of food producers, and also of their communities and like-minded academics – all on an equal footing
About us

About us


Building on a long-standing work of the network of grassroots organizations and social movements in agroecology, in the framework of the Nyéléni ECA, the ECA Agroecology Community of Practice facilitated by the Schola Campesinasupports coordinated advocacy work for agroecology and small-scale producers’ rights, the implementation of UNDROP and the pursuit of food sovereignty in the region. Built on 11 Pillars of the Nyéléni Declaration on Agroecology, the network promotes existing agroecology initiatives in the region, facilitating the emergence of new Agroecology Schools.


Agroecology schools in Europe and Central Asia region are often not well connected to each other and not well supported. ECA Agroecology Community of Practice aims at supporting these initiatives and facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experiences among them. This includes supporting food producers in their farming activity (economic viability, access to markets, food processing, local policies, organizational model, political advocacy, sharing of local knowledge) and in building alliances for improved and coordinated policy support for agroecology.